Coach Duties and Responsibilities for FCC Sessions

Forth Canoe Club Committee August 2015

Arrive at the venue in sufficient time prior to the start of the session and ensure the venue is accessible at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the session.

Inspect the activity area, take the necessary steps to minimise health and safety risks. Ensure that a site risk assessment has been carried out.

Ensure First Aid Kit is available and that there is access to a telephone.

Brief assistant coaches and volunteer helpers before each session about the aims and purpose of the activities and their role.

Ensure that you and the participants are aware of emergency fire exits, extinguishers, telephone holders
and vehicle access.

Register participants prior to the start of the session and ensure co-coaches have the appropriate session administration prior to the start of all sessions. This includes the following:
a) register of participants
b) parent consent forms and personal details for juniors – emergency contacts, age, medical details
c) accident/incident report forms
d) committee/club contacts list.
Inform a member of club committee as soon as possible of any incident or injury and complete an accident/incident report form.

Consult the club committee if you wish to prevent attendance at further sessions by an individual, for example due to unruly or disruptive/dangerous behaviour.

Ensure the equipment used is in good repair and in good working order. Inform the club committee of any replacement/repairs required.

Ensure that the venue is left clean and tidy and secure at the end of each session.

Ensure children are supervised at all times. In circumstances where a child has not been picked up from a sessions the coach must remain on the premises with the child and take the appropriate steps to ensure the safety of the child until the parent or guardian arrives.

Be aware of good practice guidelines on child and vulnerable adult protection and ensure that guidelines are adhered to by all staff working with children.

Be aware of unauthorised personnel at the venue.

Ensure coach/participant ratios are appropriate and that sessions are organised in accordance with current National Governing Body recommendations.

Plan and coach sessions in a way appropriate to the age and ability of the participants concerned in order to promote enjoyment and skill progression.

Assist participants to gain a greater understanding of the rules, safe practices, appropriate behaviour in the sport concerned and promote the values of fair play.

In liaison with the committee ensure that there is a sufficient amount of equipment available for club
training and competition.