Forth Canoe Club Trips Policy


Forth Canoe Club organises a number of Club Trips on rivers, seas, reservoirs and lochs throughout the year. They are advertised on the Club website and mailing list.

The overall ethos is that each participant should come prepared to look after themselves. As with any outdoor pursuit there is an element of risk, so it is important to study the information below, understand the basis of your participation and not put yourself, or other paddlers, at risk.

Each trip has an FCC leader who is an experienced paddler, but not necessarily a qualified instructor and trips are not coaching sessions. Participation is at the discretion of both the trip leader and the FCC trips coordinator.

Trips may have to change or be cancelled due to weather conditions or for other reasons.

All participants must be fully paid up members of the FCC. Non-members are permitted to take part in one Beginners trip as a Taster Session.

Junior members attending club trips must have parental approval and have completed the consent forms.

Definition of Trips

Club Trips

Club trips are open to all members. They are organised and led by Club leaders who have been approved by the Committee, and agreed to this Policy. Each Club Trip has one designated trip leader who is responsible for the trip, with support from the FCC trips coordinator.

Club Trips follow the Policy in this document, the FCC Trips – Best Practice for Leaders and the FCC Trips – Information for Participants on the FCC document page.

Any trip which does not adhere to the requirements detailed in this Policy and the associated documents cannot be regarded as an official FCC Club trip. Other trips must be regarded as “unled”.

Unled Trips

Unled trips are also known as “mate trips” or “buddy trips”, where a group of paddlers simply go out paddling together. Whilst the membership mailing list is often used to organise unled trips, they are not official Club Trips. Participants are responsible for their own safety and wellbeing, and should be aware that these trips are not led by FCC trip leaders, or organised by the FCC.

However, the FCC recommends that participants in unled trips join the SCA and make use of the practices set out in the FCC Trips – Information for Participants and FCC Trips – Best Practice for Leaders documents.

Leadership Approval

The FCC encourages paddlers to develop their leadership skills, to attain and maintain up-to-date First Aid and Safety and Rescue qualifications as well as leader qualifications and to take on the leading of Club Trips.

FCC Club Trip leaders must have been approved by the Committee on the grounds of their experience and/or formal qualifications, as well as their consent to abide by the FCC trips policy and associated documents.

Trip Leaders must be able to demonstrate a level of competency suitable for the grade of trip and the type of craft they propose to lead. There are no set requirements for specific qualifications, even though possession of relevant qualifications may help the Committee to assess the suitability of a leader. However, the BCU 4* Leader Syllabus describes the skills standard necessary to start leading. Additionally to the requisite skills level, leaders require to be competent in First Aid and Safety & Rescue.

Generally, the Committee approves new Leaders on recommendation of the FCC trips coordinator. Approved leaders are listed on

The Committee can impose limitations and restrictions on a leader’s remit in accordance with their skills level. The committee reserve the right to request that Leader applicants complete a PVG disclosure. The Committee reserve the right to change the remit of a leader, or to remove the leader from the list of approved leaders, at any time.


Last updated September 2015