Michael Denvir is the 2017 Scottish Wild Water Racing junior champion

Michael Denvir Scottish WWR junior champion 2017

Michael Denvir on his way to becoming the junior Scottish Wild Water Racing Championship 2017

After being out of fashion for a while, Wild Water Racing is back.

Racing in a long thin boat through rough water either over a short distance (Sprint) or a longer coarse (Classic) this discipline is challenges your boat control skills, your ability to pick good lines through difficult water and your physical endurance!

Last weekend (18th & 19th February) was the Scottish Championships With the Sprint race taking plase at Grandtully followed by the long race (Classic) down to Thistlebrig.

The club are proud to announce that this years junior winner at the Scottish WWR Championships is Michael Denvir.


MK1 – Michael Denvir – Forth Canoe Club

Well Done Michael your hard work paid off.
Also a thank you to Kelso for helping fit out the boat.